20 days, with 9 performances and 7 different get-ins. Our “spoken-action”, in Spanish translated simultaneously into Chinese, has been seen by 1.300 people

At the Zeheijiang Art Museum of HANGZHOU  200 people came to see the show, an audience with an interest in Contemporary Art, and some artists, mainly sculptors. It was the first time this museum organised an event about dance. After the lecture many hands went up  when question time came around.

SHANGHAI  is very cosmopolitan, brand names reign throughout as does its modern architecture of towering buildings that light up at night and consume lots of energy.  We performed at the University of Tongli to an audience with an interest in art, especially in dance. Straight after which we did two very unususal performances in shopping malls.  The first, Xintiandi oozes ‘glamour’, about 100 culturally sensitive people, of which a group are dance students, gathered there to watch us and take their picture with us.  The other shopping mall is a huge building:  Global Harbor, a place where people go to spend the day, and in an  “Entertainment Space” we introduced them to dance. 200 people attended, and were curious to know what we did. Everyone listened and watched carefully.

We ended the tour of Shanghai with a performance at the Cervantes Institute Library, it is not a very big space, but has a very keen and loyal audience following the events they program there.  An audience the Cervantes Institute has won over one by one, with rigourous publicity and the efforts of all the team that work there.

We changed the mood entirely when we went to BEIJING  a more traditional city, where history shines through its monuments and temples, its streets and people. We gave three performances at Festival Fringe, one of those festivals that is a miracle as it is lead largely by volunteers, most of whom are students, that offer up their time to make way for a more rebellous and contemporary scene.  They program artists from all over the world. At the Fringe we found a professional theatre arts audience, grateful that our performance could help them give a synthetic form and order to Dance History.

Finally we travelled 2,200 Km for a last performance in  the more tropical GUANGZHOU. The  Beijing Fringe Festival sent us to bring the international scene closer to the people of the region of Canton. We performed in a very modern building, a kind of cultural centre for children and young people, inside which hid a 320-seat theatre. We managed to half-fill it. There was no dance linoleum or parquet, but a grey business carpet.

We can confirm, through the experience of this journey, that in China, the stagings are complicated, many staff are involved, and a strict heirarchical order is followed. To do a job that in Europe is normally carried out by two people, here takes ten. Despite the difficulties in adapting oneself to a different social and professional environment, all the performances went well and accomplished a high level of quality.

And on a final note, we can safely say that we have felt very well accompanied throughout the whole tour, by the audience and a collection of good professionals: managers, producers, translators and technicians.




“As someone who knows little about dance, I find Toni Jodar’s lecture to be truly informative and helpful. Many are intimidated by the free expression of the modern and contemporary dance, many find it hard to understand them, but after 2 hours with Mr. Jodar, I, for one, am proud to say that I can relate to them better. Mr. Jodar explains the evolution of dance in the contemporary content while he demonstrates the feature of each different era of dance himself. His rich experience and profound knowledge both in dance itself and stage performance provide a smooth bridge for those who wish to know more about dance, one of the most beautiful forms of art. ” Effie Wu
No se parecía a ninguna de las charlas, o las clases que a las que había asistido anteriormente, el profesor parecía excitado, no paraba de moverse de un sitio a otro, con la expresión iluminada… Por un momento parecía que ya no se hablaba de danza, parecía que se hablara de política, o de física nuclear… Toni no deja desviar la atención ni un segundo,  con su presencia había  ido tejiendo con hilo muy fino una red en tu cabeza”.  Luis Cabanas
“我希望他们回到中国,给我们更多的机会看到优秀的解释再次的舞蹈,真的!当你来到中国,如果你需要我的帮助,让我知道在任何时间翻译:)。要称谢我学到了很多,和你一起工作” 萝拉
“Toni ‘s proposal gives us a lot of information helps us to better understand dance. He’s explains how through his body, his dancing and gestures help to get professional and the general public to the world of dance” Mo
“It was something very new to see someone dance and chat at the same time, as well as an organizer is very pleased that the public has given a very positive feedback too” . Yang
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