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Explaining Dance is a pedagogical project that specializes in forming and creating audiences and whose mission is to professionalize activities for those audiences.  We offer audiences the tools to read and make knowledge of contemporary languages more accessible.

“Dance is not difficult, is unknown . There is the confusion”  Bàrbara Raubert.

Ten key points on Explaining Dance

  1. It’s a project specialised in the development and creation of new audiences. Its mission is to professionalise activities for audiences.
  2. It transmits distinctive dance values: educational, social, and emotional.
  3. It seeks to bring about transformations through art and the elements of dance: space, time, and body.
  4. It provides tools and keys for understanding to be a ‘better audience’ and to be able to reflect, inviting debate on dance.
  5. It has an ‘educational performance’ format; it lies at the intersection between the conference and the show.
  6. It performs the function of mediation between dance and the public.
  7. It customises each performance. It creates flexible proposals to be able to act on stage formats (theatres, auditoriums, multipurpose halls) or in informal contexts (schools, colleges, universities, libraries, etc.).
  8. It’s a project that is co-directed by a dancer, Toni Jodar, and an artistic manager, Beatriu Daniel. Toni Jodar acts as a ‘danceteller’, as a senior on stage sharing his experience.
  9. It’s a project with 20 years of experience behind it.
  10. It is intended for a diverse audiences, but it can be adapted to specific audiences. 2015 ended with a total of 17,000 spectators.

A little history

Explaining Dance is a project with a long history created and led by BdDANSA.
BdDANSA is an organisation run by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field of dance and the performing arts: BEATRIU DANIEL and TONI JODAR. BdDANSA started out with the project Toni Jodar Explains Dance in 50’, which was awarded a Special Mention in the Premio de las Artes Escénicas Ciutat de BCN (Performing Arts Award) in 2002 and which also received the APDC (Catalonia Dance Professionals Association) award in 2006, later continuing with other projects such as Dance is not scary, Dance history in motion, A half hour before the show, or Better audience.
After nearly 15 years working in the creation of audiences, Explaining Dance has used an educational performance format to create content through different programmes and applications, all aimed at bringing dance closer to the public.
The different programmes have been carried out in collaboration with both national and international benchmark cultural institutions: Sadler’s Wells Theatre (London), China Tour (Shanghai, Beijing….), Circuito de Danza de la Red de Teatros de España, Red de Bibliotecas de Barcelona, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Mercat de les Flors, Festival Sismògraf, la Caldera Centre de Creació de Dansa i Arts Escèniques, L’Estruch Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu, Mataró Cultura, Teatre Granollers,… 


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