A Danced Conference

A Danced Conference. Current trends

A Danced Conference is the new Project is presented in its usual format, between the conference and the show. Toni Jodar talks about the recent history and current trends, recalling teachers who have marked his professional experiences. The explanation goes by the leaders of dance and movements that have impacted the bodies, and the events that have changed our world. He talks about a paradigm shift in which a multitude of trends contribute to fusion and experimentation with new forms and the reinterpretation of traditions.

In discussing Current Dance we are effectively discussing::

  • Contact with the plastic arts 
  • Hybridization 
  • Nakedness 
  • Democratization of the body 
  • Humour 
  • Reviewing territories and histories
  • Pleasure in movement 


Tristán Pérez photos:

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