The Explainers “A Half Hour Before the Show”

Of this, we are certain: hearing from  sartistic professionals, principally dancers and choreographers, has increased the number of viewers and lovers of dance. We use our words to express movement; we are Explainers of Dance. Through A Half Hour Before the Show, a program in collaboration with Mercat de les Flors since 2009, professionals are able to share with the public a different perspective than the one seen on stage. Different, above all, because preparing the “half hour before” requires thinking of the public.

The objective of A Half Hour Before the Show is to give specific information about the show, choreography, and dancers the audience is about to experience. The dialogue lasts for 30 minutes and is intended for a transversal public. Throughout the various editions, over forty professionals with diverse profiles and eccentricities have been invited to participate. It is an intense moment of knowledge, anecdotes, and concepts that help the viewer better observe and read dance and movement. It is always held on a Saturday and the public choses to arrive early to participate. We started with an audience of 20 people, now we fill the seats.

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These are the Explainers of Dance with whom we share this program:


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