BdDANSA is an organization lead by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the dance field and the scenic arts, Beatriu Daniel and Toni Jodar. The starting point of BdDANSA is the project Toni Jodar explains the dance in 50’, awarded with a Special Mention in the Premio de las Artes Escénicas Ciutat de BCN in 2002 and awarded also by the APDC in 2006 (Catalunya Dance Professionals Association).

BdDANSA is born with the aim to design, produce and promote basically dance projects. Our mission is to approach, spread and promote the dance and the scenic arts, focusing on the creation of new audiences. We want to offer tools and resources to the arts and the professionals of the sector so that they can adapt themselves to the new contexts.

BdDANSA offers its services:

  • Creation of new formats and audiences – Actions focused on the promotion and diffusion of the dance and the scenic arts presented in informal formats to educate all kind of new audiences.
  • Consultancy /Project management paying special attention to the context  – coaching to young and senior artists to manage them or redirect their careers or projects.
  • Programming – Dance specialists curators – specialized knowledge in the dance field to offer programs and context location.
  • Production – Production of our own projects or associated organizations.

Explica Dansa is the long trajectory project, which gives continuity to BdDANSA. In the past years, it is been improved and consolidated as a good proposal for the new audiences education and creation. In 2012 It has celebrated its tenth anniversary with the première of the English version at the London Lilian Baylis Studio in the Sadler’s Wells, which opens the door to the internationalization of the project.

Our history / our projects:

  • (2001) Bailarines a Palo Alto. TV de Catalunya Production.  26 4-minute dance clips with 20 catalan dancers showing different kinds of dancing.
  • (2001-02) Oda, dansa, dansa! – Oficina de Difusió Artística de la Diputació de Barcelona. It is a project that presents how to programme to approach the dance to the audience. This was the starting point for the programme TOT DANSA from the ODA (Artistic Diffusion Office).
  •  (2002) Production Toni Jodar Explica la Dansa en 50’.
  • (2002) Premis Nacionals de Cultura. Production – Sardana performed by Cesc Gelabert at the TNC (Nathional Theatre of Catalunya) at the Premios Nacionales de Cultura 2002 (Culture National Awards).
  • (2003) Premis Nacionals de Cultura. ProductionA poem by Jacint Verdaguer performed by Marta Carrasco at the TNC in the Premios Nacionales de Cultura 2003.
  • (2004) Production of the project GLIMPSE –Atlas /Gelabert/ Miranda de Gelabert- Azzopardi.
  • (2005-11) Managing at La Caldera, Centre de dansa i Arts Escèniques contemporànies.

In the last years, Explica Dansa can be defined by the following actions:

  • Mitja Hora Abans de l’Espectacle at Mercat de les Flors (2009-2016 seasons).
  • Presentacions Tots Dansen (2015-2016 seasons).
  • (Old people dance workshops) Aules de la gent Gran Universitat de Barcelona (2006-2016). Aules de la Gent Gran de Catalunya(2014-2015).
  • La Dansa No Fa Pora les biblioteques de Barcelona (temporades 2010-2015).
  • Show presentations Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona (temporades 2009, 2010, 2012 i 2015).
  • China tour. 2013 & 2014.
  • International première Sadler’s Wells London -2012 & 2014.
  • Circuït de Teatres de Catalunya – Cultura en Gira- and “ Circuito Danza” Red de Teatros de España ( 2008-12)
  • La Dansa No Fa Por(seasons 2007-2009) at Mercat de les Flors.

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