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Explica Dansa / Una conferència ballada (Toni Jodar)
Speak dance project demonstrating various disciplines of dance+INFO
Creation of new audiences for dance
Theater, auditorium or multi-purpose hall


All public, multigenerational

Circuit de Catalunya, Danza Escena Red de Teatros de España, etc.


Abans de l'espectacle 
Introduction to the show scheduled+INFO
Make dance easier to understand and enjoy
Theater,  foyer or multi-purpose hall


All public, multigenerational

Mercat de les Flors, etc.


Aixecant el teló
Introduction to the show scheduled+INFO
Make dance easier to understand and enjoy
theatre, on or in front of the stage


All public, multigenerational

Gran Teatre del Liceu, Teatre de Granollers, etc.


Dansa a l'aula

Pedagogical demonstration of artistic experience+INFO
To educate , to explain and to seduce
Schools, colleges , libraries, civic centers , auditoriums , theaters, universities


Youth, academic, senior

FLIPART/Diputació de Barcelona, Aules d’Extensio Univeritaria de la Gent Gran, Biblioteques de Barcelona, etc.


Dansa i altres arts
Fussing and crossing of artistic languages+INFO
Bringing the audience to dance through other arts
Theatre, colleges, libraries, Auditoris

According to custom

Multigenerational, adolescent, youth

Arts Santa Mònica, Centre d’Art Contemporani Fabra i Coats, etc.


Practical experimentation of historical concepts+INFO
Putting the body in motion and exploring the content through play and practice
Schools, Festivals&Events, Museumss, Cultural centers


Family, Multigenerational

Festival Claca, Graner, La Caldera, etc.


Speak-dance project about artist and works +INFO
Recovery of artists and choreographic plays
Theatre, libraries, multi-purpose halls,  auditorium

According to custom